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More and more people are using the Internet every day to find information on rental properties. Off Campus Network is focused on getting high visibility in the search engines so your property gets noticed. Our site is visible for nearly all of the search terms most people use to find an apartment for rent or house for rent. We target the largest population of people using the Internet and looking for rental property to get you results.

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Finding Tenants

Finding tenants for you home rental is not always easy. Unless you are renting a room in your home, renting an entire house requires a certain type of tenant. Usually either a family or a group of people are interested in home rentals. This means it may take a bit longer to rent a house than a single apartment or room.

Start your search by listing your home rental on various web sites and newspapers. Take several photos of your home showing the front of the house, kitchen, living room area, bedroom, bathroom and any features, like a pool or view. Be sure your ad spells out all of the features of the home rental so renters can be excited about the property when they contact you.

Next, spread the word about your home rental by talking with friends and neighbors, and getting a sign for the lawn or window. Treat your home rental like a business and consider this advertising. You must get the word out to improve your chances of getting a quality tenant.

Talk with your existing tenants to see if they know anyone interested in renting your home. This is one of the best ways to find tenants, because they may already be familiar with your rental and may have similar behavior to the existing tenants.

While you are seeking out new tenants, make your rental home stand out from others by upgrading some of the features like adding cable, air conditioning, extra phone lines or a washer and dryer. These added amenities will help you “sell” your rental to prospective tenants and may help put your home rental in front of someone else’s.

And of course, be sure to list your rental house on OffCampusNetwork and check our list of resources for landlords. You’ll find forms and more advice to help you manage your rental business effectively.