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Whether you're looking for an apartment or to fill a vacancy, Rentals Online is your Apartment Guide for Montana. Find out more about listing an apartment and having tenants view your Montana rental in our results.

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Rentals Online is dedicated to building a community of renters, landlords, rental agents, and property managers throughout Montana, and the nation, so communication and commerce can be quick, inexpensive and competitive.

With the Rentals Online Montana apartment guide, both seasoned residents and those new to Montana, can find an apartment quickly and conveniently. Property owners and managers can now show Montana rentals without paying enormous fees.

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More about Montana

If you are considering moving to the state of Montana, you probably looking to get away from it all as you wonít find any real big cities here. The largest metropolitan area is Billings with just over 100,000 residents. This state is known as Big Sky Country with big open spaces, vast forests and lots of stars to see. With its economy primarily driven by cattle ranches, wheat farming and mining rather than large corporations many renters come here with a purpose such as enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

There are several colleges such as the University of Montana and the Montana State University that may lure students out of their home for the first time and become renters. Many residents are also employed by the Malmstrom Air Force Base.

While you are renting in Montana, you will certainly want to check out some of the more popular tourist attractions such as Glacier National Park, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Park where Custer has his last stand and Yellowstone National Park. You may also want to check out some Bison, explore caverns or visit a wildlife refuge. Montana is a place where you can experience wolves and bear, geysers and hot springs, waterfalls and wildflowers. Donít forget about winter sports you can enjoy living in this state. There are many resorts where you can participate in snow fun such as skiing, snowmobiling and boarding.