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Are you thinking of hiring a moving company to move the contents of your home or apartment? There are certainly many things to consider. Will using a moving company cost a lot of money? How can I be certain my belongings won't be ruined? What happens if something does get damaged? How do I time the movers with my closing?

Hiring a professional mover does not have to be complicated. Understanding what to look for in a moving company is the key. Using a service to help you compare moving companies will make your life a lot easier.

How much does a Moving Company or Moving Service cost?

Price is one motivating factor. Not all Moving Companies will charge you the same amount for the same move. In fact, the move may cost more or less depending on a lot of factors. Many times, a moving company will move 2 or more families at the same time to fill up their truck. This helps to lower your cost. If the mover has a family from New York and another from Maryland both going to Florida, they can arrange for both to be picked up on the same or consecutive days.

Sometimes a smaller moving company can give you the best price because they don't have a lot of business and they need your move to keep their business going.

Because there are so many factors that go into the price, it makes sense to get moving quotes from several companies so you can compare price and service.

Moving Company Experience and Reputation

Of course not every moving company will give you the same service. Larger companies tend to have more trucks and schedule trips more frequently. For local moves, it may make more sense to use a smaller local company that knows the area.
Also, a company that has been doing the business for a longer time has more experience and is more likely to get your belongings to you new home in one piece.

Moving Service Security

It is very important to know that the moving company you select uses drivers with a valid license and insurance, has completed a background check on their drivers and stands behind their service. Ask if drivers are bonded, what the policy is for protecting furniture and household items, how you would go about making a claim if something did get damaged. You don't need your move to be delayed for any reason.
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