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"I rented my apartment and just wanted to thank you. I had an e-mail hours after listing my ad. You are so much more effective than my local newspaper, I am very pleased. Thanks!"
Denise, Albany NY

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Our Pricing is Simple and we NEVER charge a success fee!

Listing a property on RentalsOnline.com will provide you with more direct exposure to renters in your area than the local newspaper. Our visitors are ACTIVELY looking for rental properties and can find a rental online without leaving their home. An online ad also provides much more information about your rental, giving renters a better vision of your property and a better reason to contact you. Newspapers charge by the word, we encourage you to use as many words as are needed to accurately describe the property!

$39 Until Rented!

Your cost to list a property on this site is only $39 until rented - up to 12 months, much less than it would cost for a similar time period in any local paper. There are no success fees which means you only pay one time and once your property is rented, there are no other charges. You will receive a monthly reminder to deactivate your listing when your property is rented, and you can deactivate the ad at any time from your account.

For only $39, you can provide complete property details.

Add photos so renters see what your property looks like, have renters find your rental via an interactive map and read everything you would like to say about your rental. We provide the exposure for your rental to be seen by renters to get you results.

For apartment communities and marketing companies, your properties can be listed also. You pay one time regardless of the number of units or how many signed leases that result.

Rentals Online accepts credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard and American Express. For properties listed 12 months, we can invoice you for payment. Rental agents with many properties can contact us if invoicing is needed. Get more FAQs.

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