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We want YOU to be as happy with our service as these customers! The bottom line for you as a landlord is that we get results for you. There are thousands of renters from all over the U.S. (and the world) looking for apartments in every city in the country. How can they find you if you aren't doing everything in your power to let them know that you have what they are looking for?

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You'll notice that many of these testimonials from our customers are asking us to take their ad off because it rented! You have complete control of your listing. You can take it down or pause it at any time. Read more about how our service works.

Single listings are $39 Until Rented ... a small price indeed for turning a vacancy into a signed lease!

"I rented my apartment and just wanted to thank you. I had an e-mail hours after listing my ad. You are so much more effective than my local newspaper, I am very pleased. Thanks!"
- Denise, Albany NY

"I have a property listed on your site that I have been trying to remove as it is already rented. I wanted to let you know that I received approximately 6 responses from this internet listing. Some were students at the school, a couple were from students transferring to the school and one was from a teacher who was going to teach there in the fall. Thank you for your help."
- Stan C, Ellensburg WA

"Finally found time to add pictures. I'm impressed that your website is so easy to use."
- Janice T, Winston Salem NC

"How do I cancel a listing I have with you? I currently am running 2 ads and the 1 bedroom apartment has been rented so I need to pull that ad."
- Steve S, Rochester MN

"Thank you so much for your help. Yes we did received a lot of phone calls, we are very happy with your website."
- L & L, Jersey City NJ

"Your service has been extremely useful and though I rented my unit through another agency, I recently have received a flood of requests through your site which I fully intend to utilize solely in the future!"
- Gerry F, Rochester NY

"To whom it may concern, I put an ad on your website for a room for rent in San Jose, CA. Please take me off the list because I keep getting emails and phone calls regarding that apartment."
- Jenee D, San Jose CA

"I no longer have this apartment and I am being called 4-6 times a week regarding this apartment (3 calls just today!)."
- Ken J, Alpharetta GA

"Boy, your site does work. I have gotten a bunch of calls already for my house."
- Mike R, New Brunswick, NJ

"Can you remove a listed rental property? It has been rented and I and am still getting phone calls."
- Aurther, Cambridge MA

"I wanted to drop you a line and just compliment your site. Nice layout, good info, good resources. I was looking around at a few different sites for realty information and I definitely thought your's was one of the best."
- Anderson D

"Thanks Don for taking care of this! Because of your outstanding Customer Service I will use you for any furture listings!"
- Angela S, Champlin MN

"My property has been rented but I keep getting calls from your site. Can you delete my ad?"
- Lori D, Rochester NY

"I am not a traditional student as I only attend on-line classes. I am looking to move as soon as possible and your listings look very promising."
- M Hernandez

"I think this site is a wonderful idea and tool."
- Raymond L, Bethesda , MD

"I appreciate your website. I am a new landlord and was very interested in the information you have available on your site."
- C Passey

"I was serching for apartments in Rhode Island on your site and I found it very helpful I found alot that I could not find anywhere else!"
- Brenden S, Rhode Island

"I and my husband are looking for one apartment for renting near Drury College in Springfield Missouri. We are accepted to start the MBA program in Fall this year. The apartment can have just one bedroom. We are right now living in Germany. Is it possible that you can help us to find one nice apartment and with affordable price?"
- Sandra V, Germany

"I am planning to attend a state funded school in Jesey City .This school is a specialty school for fitness education. I am working also in Nutly New jersey. so I am looking for a large studio or one bedroom in the Nutly or Lyndhurst area to rent for the year I am attending school. What do you have in that area available or do you have some recommendations?"
- Tyler E, Nutly, NJ

"We are going to move to Boston from Switzerland during July. We would like to find an apartment without been there. Do you have this service? In general, we would like an apartment with two room, one living room, one bathroom and kitchen. No more than 1300 dollar rent. I will be working in Dana-Faber cancer Institute (44 Binney Street Boston, Brookline) and my wife will study in TUFTS University (Medford/Somerville). That is why a place in between will be fine."
- Claudio H