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Repair Letter

Notice of Repairs Needed


Re: Repairs Needed


The following conditions exist at ________________________ and are in immediate need of repair.

1.______________________________________________    Date Discovered ____________ 2.______________________________________________    Date Discovered ____________ 3.______________________________________________    Date Discovered ____________

These conditions are preventing me from living in a safe, comfortable and or sanitary environment. According to our rental agreement, these repairs are to be made as soon as practicable after I notify you. This may also be in accordance with the local housing code.

This notice is intended to formally notify you of these conditions and emphasize my expectation that you repair them with in a reasonable time. I would like to hear from you in the next few days (or a specific date) as to when these repairs will be made.


Name ____________________________________

Address ____________________________________

Address ____________________________________

Phone # ____________________________________