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Truck Rental Checklist

While renting a truck for your move may seem like a simple task, take along this checklist to make sure you have all the bases covered.

Reserving a Rental

How early do I need to book a truck before my move date?
Can I reserve a truck on-line?
What is the cancellation policy?
What types of moving supplies are offered?
Will I receive a confirmation?
Am I guaranteed a truck if I get a confirmation?

About the Truck
What size trucks do they have?
How do I know which size truck is right for me?
How new are the trucks?
What if I find something wrong with the truck after I take it?
Are the trucks speed restricted?

At the Dealer
Where do I pick up the truck?
How long will it take to complete the paperwork?
Are there age restrictions?
What credentials do I need?
Are there additional charges if more than one person drives?
Can I leave my car on the property?
Where can I drip it off?
Are there time restrictions to pick-up and drop-off?
Will I be able to drive the distance alone?
How is my driving record if the company checks?

Will I be covered on my auto or credit card insurance?
What are my other options?
What will happen if I'm not insured?

Money Matters
Are there any discounts available?
Is a deposit required?
Will I need to refuel the tank?
Where can I get gas nearby?
Are there additional charges to drop off the truck at a different location?