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Search About Our Apartment Search will get you results quickly without going through extra pages. Once you get results, you can view the ads you want to see and contact owners or managers directly. Search results show apartments, houses, condos and other property types.

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Finding an Apartment
Insite on how to begin searching for an apartment.

Apartment Search Tips
Great tips on searching for an apartment or rental.

Apartment Search Checklist
Use this check list to compare rentals during your apartment search.

Rental Inspection Form
Use this form to inspect each rental you visit and record the condition before you move in.

Free Apartment Search
Why your apartment search should be free.

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To find an apartment or home rental, enter a city, select a state and click the search button. Or, to narrow your search, select specific features such as property type, rent or number of rooms and then click search. You can also search by Zip Code. Renters will find all of the results within a short radius of the area searched.

Private landlords and property managers can find details here on how to list a property.

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More information on your apartment search

When doing and apartment search or rental housing search on this site, results will increase based on fewer criteria selected. For example, selecting a city and then "search" will yield more properties than entering a specific type of property such as an apartment. Also, when entering a city, make sure you spell it correctly or you may not get the complete results. If you are not sure of the correct spelling, try different versions or use the apartment search by zip to see all the listings in your area.