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"I rented my apartment and just wanted to thank you. I had an e-mail hours after listing my ad. You are so much more effective than my local newspaper, I am very pleased. Thanks!"
Denise, Albany NY

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Rentals Online Apartments for Rent

We make it simple to find or list Apartments for Rent, Houses for Rent, or Condos for Rent.

We're landlords too! The originators of Rentals Online.com have more than 13 years of experience in the rental market. In 1989, we purchased our first rental property and watched the money roll in. Quickly, we found out what it was like to really be a Landlord! We saw it all from bad tenants, to pesky neighbors, to major repairs, and to a city that doesn't give you a break. Over the years we learned how to deal with these problems by weeding out the bad tenants, getting neighbors on our side, anticipating repair costs and keeping it all legal. Today, our biggest concern is making sure properties stay continuously rented.

Let's face it, each month your rental stays vacant, you lose money. This can add up to big bucks quickly. Traditional means of advertising through a newspaper or realtor can be very costly. They are also limited to the number of people that will view the ad and to the location they serve. A few other websites are available, but have limited features, require special access and do very little to attract tenants.

Rentals Online.com was formed in 2001 as a privately funded Limited Liability Corporation. This site was designed to help property owners and managers keep their properties rented. We do this in a very cost effective way so that you will continue to use our service.

We are dedicated to making this the premier web site for rental properties. Our goal is to provide continuous improvements as technology changes to make your job as owner or manager easier and to help you find the best tenants to maximize your income.

Thank you for visiting RentalsOnline.com.


Don Romanek

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