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Apartment Search Checklist

Apartment Search Resources

Finding an Apartment
Insite on how to begin searching for an apartment.

Apartment Search Tips
Great tips on searching for an apartment or rental.

Apartment Search Checklist
Use this check list to compare rentals during your apartment search.

Rental Inspection Form
Use this form to inspect each rental you visit and record the condition before you move in.

Free Apartment Search
Why your apartment search should be free.

Truck Rental Checklist

Security Deposit Return

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Moving Checklist

Here are some things you will need to do when you have decided to move. We hope this list will make moving an easier task for you. Be sure to check out the other renter forms and tips in our renters resources section.

 Search for housing on RentalsOnline.com

 Obtain a Credit Report

 Sign Lease with new landlord

 Give notice to current landlord

 Collect Boxes and Packing materials

 Identify Storage needs for the new housing

 Cancel or change Newspaper Delivery

 Identify family and friends to help with the move

 Contact local Truck Rentals for availability and prices

 Search for Renters Insurance

 Fill out Change of Address forms

 Look for Parking

 Turn Cable & Phone on / off

 Connect/ disconnect Utilities

 Clean your existing home

 Do final walk through of old residence

 Return keys to old landlord

 Update drivers license