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"I rented my apartment and just wanted to thank you. I had an e-mail hours after listing my ad. You are so much more effective than my local newspaper, I am very pleased. Thanks!"
Denise, Albany NY

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How Does the Listing Work?

Thousands of people are checking our site EVERY DAY. They can't find your rental property if you haven't listed it. While we offer many other resources for landlords, property managers and realtors, the single most valuable service we offer is our listing service to you and our free rental search to the renters who are trying to find YOU.

It's Quick!

  • The listing process will take just a few minutes to complete.
  • Your listing is available to thousands of renters on our network immediately after your payment is confirmed.
  • As a landlord, you're time is valuable. Read what other landlords have to say about our service.

It's Easy!

  • Create an account by entering your credit card payment information (You can be invoiced for long-term property listings, see our pricing structure.)
  • Fill out an on-line form with the details of your property.
  • Upload a couple of digital photos if you have them (you can do it later if you don't have them right now).
  • DONE!

It's Effective! (for you and for renters!)

  • Renters find you through our FREE search tool
    • No registration for renters.
    • We don't gather their information.
  • Your listing has information that Renters Want.
    • List of amenities PLUS detailed description
    • Google interactive MAP to show your location
    • Unlimited PHOTOS
    • Terms and contact information
  • Renters contact you directly
    • Through your preferred method you provide phone or email contact information.
    • We don't broker deals and we don't charge success fees.

It's a bargain!

  • Simple single-unit rental listings are just $39 until rented.
  • We offer different pricing structures for complex listings including apartment communities and large rental and property management companies.
  • Never a success fee, pay us only for the listing.

You're in control!

  • You have access to your listings at all times.
  • You can change them or stop them.
  • You can add or change the photos on your listing.
  • You can add more units and manage them under one account.

What are you waiting for?

Your apartment or rental home vacancy could be filled by the time your newspaper listing hits the streets. List it now and have it available to renters immediately!